Industrial production

Industrial production (for students admitted before 2018)

This is for you if you are interested in Industrial Production of aquatic foods from a value chain perspective! You will start at DTU and must submit your application for enrolment at DTU. 

After the first year you can decide to carry on your studies either at NTNU, NMBU or UoI. In the first year your will gain competences in Industrial Production at DTU and in the second year you can decide to carry on your studies either at NTNU, NMBU or HI (UoI). At NTNU you will gain additional competences in Food Biochemistry, at NMBU in Product Development whilst at UoI you will gain additional competences in Supply Chain Management.   

Learning outcome

  • Advanced knowledge of aquatic food processing combined with the ability to apply this knowledge to obtain products with optimal  quality and safety. 
  • Ability to evaluate environmental effects of specific aquatic food processing options. 
  • Knowledge of aquatic food quality and shelf-life together with the ability to evaluate quality attributes by relevant sensory, microbiological, biochemical and chemical methods.
  • Knowledge on how rapid instrumental methods, predictive microbiology models and software can be used for aquatic food quality and safety evaluation. 
  • Theoretical and practical experience with aquatic food: microbiological and chemical risk assessment and management.
  • Estimate how ICT can influence supply chain management in aquatic food chains for optimization of processes HI (UoI) Ind. Eng. specialization). 
  • Evaluate how supply chain management can improve the quality of safety related recalls HI (UoI) Ind. Eng. specialization). 
  •  Ability to document aquatic food processing, quality, safety and health effects taking into account national and EU-regulations. 

Courses for the first year

Semester 1 (e-learning) 
  • Aquatic Food Primary Production: Fishery and Aquaculture (7.5 ECTS; NMBU AQF200)
  • Aquatic Food Processing and Technology (7. 5 ECTS; NTNU BT3110
  • Safety and Health Effects of Aquatic Food (7.5 ECTS; DTU 23154
  • Aquatic Food Supply Chain Management, Environment and Resources (7.5 ECTS; UoI IÐN118)

Semester 2 

  • Food Safety in Production Chains (10 ECTS; DTU 23102
  • Food Process Design (10 ECTS; DTU 23520)
  • Elective courses (10 ECTS)

Courses for the second year

Semester 3

Specialization at DTU/NMBU: Industrial Production and Product development 
  • Food Product Development (10 ECTS; NMBU MVI385)  
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation (5 ECTS; NMBU INN410)
  • Elective courses (15 ECTS) 


Specialization at DTU/UoI: Industrial Production and Supply Chain Management 
  • Production Planning (7.5 ECTS; UoI IÐN110F
  • Supply Chain Management (7.5 ECTS; UoI IÐN116F)
  • Elective courses (15 ECTS) 


Specialization at DTU/NTNU: Industrial Production and Food Biochemistry 

Semester 4 

M.Sc. thesis project (30 ECTS)
16 JUNE 2019