Child and father looking at fish at a fish munger

About AQFood

The international M.Sc. programme 'Aquatic Food Production - Safety & Quality' (AQFood) is a unique education for the aquatic food sector linking advanced aquatic food production, processing and distribution with issues of importance for tomorrow's consumers, industry and society. 

The demand for aquatic food is increasing drastically worldwide and at the same time there is a pressure for more efficient production and distribution systems to deliver healthy, and safe food also taking into account the environmental and sustainability issues throughout the entire aquatic food value chain. 

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The AQFood programme is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the aquatic food sector, whether they will be professionals in aquaculture production, industrial food production, natural resource management or related research, teaching and consulting activities. The focus in AQFood is to address the entire value chain and to focus on production and distribution of aquatic food throughout the entire production and food supply chain, linking primary production including aquaculture and wild catch with processing and distribution to the consumers in terms of quality and safety.

The AQFood study programme targets Nordic and international students with background in food science, chemistry, biology, natural sciences, environment, health, biotechnology and engineering who are interested in specialising in aquatic food related topics at the M.Sc. level.


For students admitted from 2018, there are no pre-defined study tracks. See more under Study profiles.