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Admission & application

You apply directly to the university, where you wish to study for the first year of your study. For students applying from 2018 you can apply at all universities. In your application you need to state the name of the University where you wish to study in the second year. This means that you will have to consider your choice carefully, as you cannot subsequently change to another university within the consortium. 

You must send your application directly to the university, where you wish to start your study. 

All universities have on-line application forms and you apply electronically by completing the online form. At University of Iceland you must print the form and send it by post together with a number of documents in hard copies.  

Admission is handled locally but with common admission requirements and screening criteria.

Admission procedures and requirements for the starting universities:

When you apply for the AQFood programme, you will apply directly to the university where you wish to spend the first year of your studies and you will have to indicate mobility for the second year. If you are accepted by the consortium admission board, you will be enrolled in the university where you put in your application for your first year of study. 
Your application dossier will subsequently be transferred to the university that is responsible for the second part of your study track. During semester two, you will then receive an admission letter from the university, where you will be enrolled in your second year in order for you to have time to apply for accommodation and visa if needed. 
All applications are evaluated individually by the consortium. 

From 2022 DTU will no longer take in new students. Students who are started in the programme in 2021, will be able to have their second year at DTU.

Application deadlines

EU/EEA citizens:

1 February at UoI
1 March at NTNU
15 April at NMBU
15 April at UoI (Nordic Citizens)

Non EU/EEA citizens:

1 December at NTNU and NMBU
1 February at UoI